Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I saw a midget!

I want my engagement ring to be bought at Royal Jewelers. That's were the midge hangs out.
Maxwell has been biting Snowy a lot.
I feel sick.
I hate Ralphy from the Magic School Bus.
I'm not excited for the Latin final Tomorrow.
The bedding for my dorm arrived today.
La La La
There are some ungrateful people who are bothering me. If you are reading this don't worry I am probably talking about someone else.
I don't want to watch Wheel of Fortune.
So tired.
Facebook isn't letting my upload photos and it's making me pissed.
I am scared that I am going to miss the graduation rehearsal!


Brie said...

At first I thought you said that you bought your engagement ring already and I was really confused. XD

OMG I LOVE that midge!!!!

I'm not excited for the Latin final either.

Why are you scared of missing the graduation rehearsal? XD It's at like 2:30 or 3 so you probably won't sleep through it unless you go home to sleep after the Latin final...