Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thoughts on Nationals and New School Year

Nationals was sooooooooo much fun! I think i liked Tennesse more, but this is a very, very close second. I was worried that the heat would make convention unbearable, but after the first day it was fine. The food that they served was very good. The only thing I really didn't like and couuld not get used to was the number of bikes. It was so scary walking down the street and almost getting hit by five bikes on one block. I didn't like spirit. I never like spirit. The RUSH day was okay because we actually had props. The fact that Ethan and Noah kept the extra money really pisses me off. They could have used the rest of it to get more props or could have put it in a fund for future us. They basically cheated everyone else. If a real politican did that they would get thrown out of office. It just makes me so angry. Other than those few off sets convention was a blast. It was a lot of fun hanging out with Brie, Jared, and Andrew at the ARC. Late night shenanigans with Brie is a nationals tradition. So many good quotes came from this trip too!
Post-nationals was also really fun. I had breakfast at the Fishermans' Warf with Brie, Jared, Andrew, and Schneider. Then the whole group when to Ghirardelli Square, and after a disappointing brownie Brie, Jared, Andrew, and I went on an adventure. First we took a bus to Chinatown and walked around there for a bit. Then we took the MUNI to the Castro and checked that out. Then we were escorted to Haight-Ashbury by a hippie. We ate there and then walked around looking at the multitude of bongs, bumper stickers and hippie gear. I didn't realize I was extremly tired until we were about to head back to the amtrak. In San Jose we went to a really nice Denny's.

School starts soon and I am very nervous. I have a lot of the things that I will need but I don't have everything I would like. My mom is making this somewhat difficult because she won't let me get any furniture yet.

I came up with a plan for the classes I will take the next four years
Freshman year/ Semester 1
PED 111- Wellness
IOC 100- Oral Communications
INQ 100- Leadership for Tomorrow
ENG 160- Global Literature and Human Experience
HIST 151-World in Perspective to 1500
Freshman year/ Semester 2
PED 112- Physical Education Activities
ICW 100- College Writing
REL 100- Religion
LAT 224- Vergil
HIST 152- World in Perspective since 1500
Sophomore year/ Semester 1
MATH 105- Exploring Mathematics
PSC 211- U.S. Political System
GRK 211- Beginning Greek I
COM 201- Introduction to Communication Studies
Sophomore year/ Semester 2
ENVR 103- Ecosystems and Human Influence
CL 130- Classical Archaeology
GRK 212- Beginning Greek II
COM 203- Argumentation
Junior year/ Semester 1
HIST 301- Greece and the Ancient Near East
COM 231- Introduction to Telecommunications
COM 315- Interviewing

ART 155- History in Art I: Origins to the Early Renaissance

Junior year/ Semester 2
HIST 302- Rome and the Medieval Transition
COM 316- Intercultural Communication
COM 317- Rhetorical Theory and Criticism

PSC 311- Methods and Techniques of Political Analysis
Senior year/ Semester 1
PSC 362- Constitutional Law
PSC 411- Political Philosophy
COM 331- Mass Media
COM 431- Broadcast Newswriting and Reporting
Senior year/ Semester 2
REL 332- American Religions: Natives and Immigrants

Classical Studies
History/ Political Science
History/ Political Science and Classical Studies


J.B. "Sassafratz" said...

Im glad you had fun at Nationals =)
Wow youre pretty much on the ball if you have the next four years of classes already planned out! When do you move into the dorms?

Laura said...

I move in on the 30th

Brie said...

Dayum Sarb! I am impressed with dis plan! I only have one semester planned out and I'm not even sure about that xD

Nats was so good. I MISS IT