Sunday, September 6, 2009

I am really tired, but having fun. My first week at Concordia.

I moved in on August 30th and met my clubies. That night there was a welcome show which was pretty awesome. On Monday our club volunteered at Elim. I attempted to scrape food off of chairs, but I was fairly unsuccessful. Then we went to some seminars. The first one was called "Blank Slate" and was probably the most awkward experience of my life. One scene had a handicapped gay kid who was a huge slut and a potty mouth, another had a girl who had just gotten out of rehab and was yelling at her mother who didn't talk at all, one was about a guy who had raped this girl and was apologizing for it. The second thing I had to do was take an academic Proficiency Assessment. I don't think I did too well since I didn't write much. That night there was Cabaret which was very good the people doing it had lots of talent. The next day we had two more seminars, one of which was on LeadNow, which is a club I think I will be involved in this year. Then we had department previews where I found out I should probably scrap that plan from before. Then I met with my advisor who seems like a nice guy. After that I went to the Resource fair and got a die cut of a corncob. On Wednesday we went to a bunch of boring seminars, but we got to do our club cheer before each of them and that was pretty neat. Then we went to the President's Reception and Ice Cream Social. I was nervous that I would be covered in ice cream. Later our floor went to savers and got some costumes for the theme dance. On Thursday classes began. There was an Opening Convocation where one professor brought out a sorting hat for whatever reason. Then we had the beanie toss, and club 9 was right in front so a few of us got to be in the paper. My first class was Global Lit. and the Human Experience. I still need to do the reading from that class. Later I had World History in perspective to 1500 with my roomie, Jen. Those classes are both really long but also pretty interesting. In history we talked about the necessity of war. That night I went to the outdoor movie Up which was cute. On Friday I went to Wellness for fifteen minutes, the to Oral Com which I have with my clubies and Leadership which is also with them. For wellness we have to go to this seminar called "Drunk Sex or Date Rape: Can you tell the difference?" which is on Tuesday. I am really excited for that -_- Friday night was the theme dance. Our floors theme was purple. The floor below us went as mimes. Last night we had the Livedalen Olympics. In the first event we had to build a bell tower out of marshmallows and toothpicks. Then we had to pass a banana down a line using our feet. The third event made us blow into a bowl of flour until all of the flour was out of the bowl. The last event we had to smash eggs (some hard boiled and some not) on our RAs head until the got on that was raw. It was like Russian Roulette but with eggs. We lost all of the events. Today I played Frisbee with some people and had some fun. Everyone is so nice and friendly here.