Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Things I am not in the mood for..

Being sick
Being ignored
Being really tired
Working tomorrow at 8
Cleaning out the fryers at the Maize
Blowing my noses
The fact that my laundry is still wet
Obnoxiously loud people
Working catering at 8 AM on Saturday for family weekend
Family Weekend
Creepy kid accosting me and then bitching me out
History Essay
Being in Wellness
Going to Wellness
the people in my Wellness class
Fitness project for Wellness
Annoying people in my room
Eating outside and bugs crawling on my food

Things I am Thankful for
Being able to text mah friends
The Fact that most of my classes are interesting
A roommate that doesn't care that I am extremely messy
Kid who was long boarding and drinking chocolate milk
No class tomorrow
Newsweek's cover for September 14
Usually good food


Brie said...

Who is ignoring you?
"Blowing my noses" -- you have more than one?!?!?!
Longboarding/chocolate milk kid sounds funny